Planned Parenthood Patient Cards


Patient Cards

We teamed up with Planned Parenthood in 2008, to come up with unique and provocative patient cards for their Michigan Locations. The culturally and socially diverse patient mini-cards included catchy, and mindful phrases, as well as services available at each location. Patients collected the cards and passed them out to their friends to build awareness about safe sex.

Insights: Safe is Sexy.

Annual Report | Newsletter | Brochure

Planned Parenthood called us to begin work on the 2008 annual report. After producing a fresh look for the report, they asked Sumo Sweet to design integrated brochures, outdoor and a matching newsletters for the campaign. pp_collateral


Planned Parenthood Outdoor Campaign

Outdoor featured around Ann Arbor Planned Parenthood location, to match the patient cards and bring awareness to the breadth of information that was available at Planned Parenthood.