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Powervac Industrial Cleaning launched in October 2015. The site is built in Concrete5, an enterprise level content management system with walk-up usability. The site is different from other open-source CMS sites, as edits are made on the front end of the live site.  Most CMS systems, such as WordPress, Joomla, or Drupal require a user to log in and make changes to what appears to be a “back-end”, then save them to view on the front end.  Oftentimes, the changes a client makes are not formatted properly and do not look right, and alot of back and forth is required.

Concrete5 works on a system of pre-designed blocks that we develop, so that every time a user adds or changes content, the appearance is consistent. Clients find the ease of editing, and the readily available built-in SEO tools, such as an easy-to-generate xml site map, and built-in meta information and descriptions a big plus.