Ford Race for the Cure – Komen

-Print, Package Design, Illustration, Archived Work


The Women of ER

The campaign began with a silk scarf, and evolved into an entire movement.

Developed a print campaign using the women of ER for Ford’s successful breast cancer awareness campaign. Worked with media to integrate the scarf and a PSA message by ER’s Laura Innes on the ER show.

Tied to the Cause

helped develop the next generation print campaign, which included a new scarf and celebrities getting Tied to the Cause.


Jennifer Connelly makes a statement in the fight against breast Cancer. The styling was one of the most enjoyable aspects of this project, figuring out how to make the scarf look different for every shoot.


Art direction and styling for celebrities including Mary J. Blige. Fashioned the scarf in a variety of ways. Also designed and developed a print campaign for Melissa Etheridge featuring the scarf and promoting an i-tunes download of a song developed exclusively for Ford/Komen and featured on her new album.

Concept Work – “Some Silkworms Get their Wings Sooner than Others”

Created a variety of concept work used to feature the scarf alone, in edition to celebrity endorsements.

Package Design

Design for the Ford Sponsored packaging for Lily Pulitzer scarves in Nordstrom, where silk versions of the scarves would be sold.

Illustration and Design

Design and copy for a series of humorous postcards reminding women to get a breast exam. Postcards given to women at Komen Race for the Cure events.