Volunteers of America Client Brochures

-Print and Illustration

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Custom Illustrated Brochures

We teamed up with Volunteers of America, Massachusetts, to develop a series of 4 unique brochures that featured recognizable Boston and Massachusetts landmarks.  We combined these landmarks to create scenes that felt native to Boston and Massachusetts residents, creating a familiar montage for theses service brochures.

Illustrated brochures from left:

  • Supportive Services for Veterans Families
  • The Massachusetts Bay Veterans Center
  • Family Center Outpatient and Mental Health
  • The Veterans Employment Network


Exterior Illustrated Brochures

I created these custom illustrations using photography for reference and inspiration. Most of these illustrations are drawn from scratch and unique to this project. This was one of my favorite projects, as creating these unique little gems such as the crab basket, fishing boats, and buildings unique to Boston were both a challenge and a joy.   The effect is both playful and representative of the optimistic viewpoint of my client.